Gilliam County, Oregon

June 17, 2015

We had a quick stop in Wasco County to let the dogs go to the bathroom and to watch nesting Peregrines and White-throated Swifts.

Another quick stop to look through an abandoned house and look for rattlesnakes.  I did see (well, mostly heard it speed off through the sagebrush) a snake on the way in but the snake found shelter too fast before I could get a good look at it.

Looking South just east of the Cascades.

Continuing on and leaving Mt Hood further behind.

The only picture I have from the town of Lonerock, which was a rocky dirt road, a couple bigger structures, a few houses and a big lone rock.  There was a Red-Tailed Hawk and Golden Eagle chase.  Eventually, there was also a fence across the quickest route towards the Umatilla National Forest, our final destination for camping away from the heat.  Oh yeah, there were some of these Blanket Flowers too.

Taking Buttermilk Canyon Road, the long route, to the Umatilla National Forest.  Some Canyon Wrens were here. 

Some Killdeer (pictured through binoculars) and dragonflies were here.

Some deer over here.

And more abandoned buildings everywhere.

Western Blue Flag Iris growing in the Umatilla National Forest.

After a restless sleep in the truck and a quick pack-up, we were off to Condon for coffee.  Near Ruggs on highway 26 there was a Chukar on the side of the road, a couple deer crossing the road in front of a "deer crossing" sign and a harrier with a bird in its talons.  A couple miles later and there was something in the road.

A Western Rattlesnake. Crappy picture through binoculars.

I have been looking for rattlesnakes this year and am stoked to have finally come across my first one, safely, in the wild.

Sights along Quinn Road before heading back towards home.

Back home waiting for the sunset over Swan Island and Forest Park.