From Ashes Rise

The films from each design.

The swords design got metallic silver plasticol ink.

White plasticol ink for the collage design.

Society Nurse

White plasticharge ink on cotton black shirts. Sample prints on a red shop rag and various colored canvas pieces.


Metallic gold ink on black cotton shirts.

Valentine Day Bears

A same day turn-around job. Over 400 heart shaped fabric pieces to print text on. Just white plasticol ink.

Herbivore Valentine's Day underwear

Herbivore's limited for Valentine's Day print on American Apparel garments.

Pierced Arrows

The original and traditional Pierced Arrows art. This time on long sleeves.

New art from a flier for one of their european tour shows. Art slightly altered to be workable on both white and black shirts without using a negative.


Deathreat shirts with dark red and light gray ink. These were printed a few years ago. I think maybe for the Chaos in Tejas fest they played. Also printed limited screened covers for the ep's they were selling there.

Printed Matter

Basic print. Art stolen from an original citizen's arrest old photocopy sticker.

Herbivore (pocket placement)

The classic Herbivore cross print with pocket placement on zip-up American Apparel hoodies. Custom blue plasticol ink.