Knelt Rote

Gray ink on black shirt. One color front and back.

Black ink on black shirt.

Vanilla Bicycles

Fabric printed with a custom blue ink to be cut into strips for Vanilla bicycling caps.

Rhinoceros Longboards

Two color red and under-white print on short sleeve, long sleeve and pullover hoodies.

Thanksgiving Day 2009 shirts

Longsleeves in youth and adult sizes along with some aprons. A four-color print and the art was actually handed in as as colored construction paper collage. Hopefully no turkeys or animals were hurt or killed for the festivities...

Coda Skateboards

Basic two-color on white shirts. A longer print with neon green ink for the logo.

Microcosm patches

A blurry Kato atop a technicolor mountain of printed canvas.

As simple as it gets. Black ink on canvas precut sheets in batches of either 150 or 200 at a time.

Beta Works

A two-color design on white shirts. It also had a one-color back print.


An old worn brown thermal with a hellshock graphic drawn by halsey.

Shirts of and for the San Francisco show with Amebix.

Closed Circuit (mixed media)

Andreas Baader. Spraypaint, plasticol, uv ink on a scrap sheet of sticker vinyl.

Spraypaint, house paint, uv ink on a scrap sheet of sticker vinyl.

A six color stencil on black sticker vinyl.

Lebenden Toten

Custom red ink for an older Japanese tour shirt.

Simple white ink on black graphic. This shirt is a couple years old.

A black thermal one-off print. The rest were on standard short-sleeve, black shirts.

Only a few of these were made using old black tote bags turned inside out for a clean printing slate.

Gorilla Angreb

Simple red and black print on light colored shirts. This is a few years old white long sleeve.

Four-color print for Copenhagen's Gorilla Angreb using an underwhite. This pictured print is on a brown hoodie that has been worn regularly for years.


Custom pink ink with a classic icon softened up a little.

A two-color print with an underwhite on black American Apparel.

Two custom blue colors on American Apparel shirts. This art has been printed on various colors at different times and has involved quite a few ink switches.

Custom gray on black American Apparel cardigan. A larger print on upper back and a small print on the front left bottom.

Two custom colors and overprinting on a vibrant orange shirt.


A couple variations of the same art. The first is a two-color print using a split fade/fountain for the background. The latter is a three-color print. Both of these specific shirts are old and have been worn for a couple years they are a bit weathered in the photos.

A photocopied flier for the Forward shows in Portland on their U.S. tour.

Food Fight Vegan Grocery

Two-color front and back print on dark navy American Apparel.

Custom light gray plasticol ink on tri-coffee colored American Apparel shirts. Subtle detail/texture as dot reversals leading to the need to prevent any dot gain, bleed or fill-in. Had a smaller print on upper back of the shirt.