Vegan This! (4-color)

A four-color front using an underwhite with a single color back print on american apparels. Printed on unisex and women's cut shirts with basic ink variants depending on the shirt color.

Sex Worker Solidarity

A four-color print printed on both uni-sex shirts and girl-cut shirts.

Migration Brewing and Pub

A low-run of brown hoodies for a new brewery in south east called Migration. A two color back print and a trickier two-color print on the actual front pocket of the pullover.

Rose City Steel

A 22x22 bandanna to be included with a tatto machine kit. Printed on the Saturn press at Diesel Fuel Prints the same day the mini-ramp deconstruction started. Water=based black ink.

Deathcharge (discharge ink)

Cotton shirts printed using plasticharge white ink.

Flying Fifteen

The club's logo on the front and the club's history on the back of a variety of shirts sizes ranging from Small-4XL with a golden yellow ink.

A three-color, using an underwhite, front print with a golden yellow and a custom blue.

The Know

These were printed on a small variety of stuff...hoodies, unisex shirts and ribbed tank tops.

Westview Metal Club

Trade Up Music