La Fraction

A variety of colored shirts for a two-color print.

La Fraction, from France, on party boat in austin, tx, on a lake.


One-color with custom light gray plasticol ink.


A basic white ink on black shirt.

Another personel shirt that has been worn many times. It even has white ink stains from working in it. On a natural earthy colored shirt.

Basic two-color print on charcoal shirt. B.S.B.S.F.B.S.

African Sports Outreach

Four-color plasticol print with a single white back print. Garments, donated by Nike, included regular cotton, unisex shirts and girl-cut, self-wicking, "dry-fit" cotton shirts which were elastically.

Printed Matter

Plasticol ink on canvas.

Picture of Criminal Damage by Amy Kay.

Bike Gallery

Unisex and girlie shirts with custom pantone colors. Ink changes for variant shirt color.

The Gentry

Oversized front print. Metallic gold plastisol ink.

PNE "27 Club"

A very detailed one-color print on shirts and hoodies that had insanely small reversals (especially on the back tag) to keep from filling in. After some slight troubleshooting and slow printing, it came out great and with a little attention, the reversals stayed open.

ScapeGoat Tattoo (discharge ink)

Plasticharge ink (with white) print on 100% cotton American Apparel. Oversized front print with the lower back print deliberately over the shirt's bottom seam.

Captured By Porches Brewing Company

Two-color over-sized print on provided, hand-dyed shirts. The dye job is amazing. And so is the beer.

Herbivore Tote Bags

American-made, organic tote-bags each with two custom colors print. These were for Herbivore Clothing, not only a client but also good friends.

Rockaganda With Inside Tag Print

Shirts for Chris Honeywell. Two-color front with custom pantone colors with a tag print inside back of shirt below the collar.

Atomic Tattoo

A couple designs by London. Just black plasticol on white shirt.

Stickers for Chaos In Tejas 2008

This particular sheet is clear vinyl. UV ink. This sheet is stuck on a wood table for stacking shirts.

Rapha Job With Sleeve Print

Two-color front with a one-color sleeve print. Custom pantone color.

The Shop...

The Doc Martin Job

Four custom colors on the front with a single-color print on each sleeve. About 5,500 shirts. Averaging 500 shirts an hour, the job was running fast on the old Gauntlet automatic press and was messy... and tiring.

Diesel Fuel Prints

RIP Homey! You will be missed!

Diesel Fuel Prints (bottom photo is old location by Burnside and MLK). Thanks to Jenna for getting me the job at DFP. And thanks to Andy for the opportunity of a lifetime and advice.