Arctic Flowers

Three custom colors. Hanes shirts. Plasticharge ink.

Limited hand-pulled covers for their new ep. got an extra drying rack to get rid of?


A fun design to print. And good looking art as well. Big, clean and white plasticharge for the softhand feel.

Another design. Black ink. Simple and nice.

Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

Two custom colors printed with plasticharge for a lower side print. Plasticgharge is great for printing over the seams as seen here. No ink globs to pool up.

One of the new designs printed in plasticharge custom color with non-traditional placement on chocolate brown tee shirts.

A rerun of the two-color tie job. An underwhite with a black overprint.

Rock n Roll Camp for Girls

This was the first of the six designs for the camp this year. It is always a pleasure doing their shirts and they give lots of warning and notice which is always a plus.
The green on black is plasticharge and had "staff" printed in green on the upper back. The pink on white were for the students and were just softhand plasticol. There were two sizes for this art as well. Youth size art and then adult shirt size art.

PDX Invades ATX

All the shirts were printed with the orange color and sent through the drier. Then each was was put back on the platton and the green and black were printed. So no two have the orange and green aligned/registered the same.

Ben Adams/Ben Burch

This was last years art show at Astoria's Lunar Boy Gallery. A three-color print with plasticol but thinned out and printed with high mesh count screens to obtain correct color matching but keep a soft touch.

Simple one color shirts on various styles and colors. Some had "security" on the back and a couple had one of the participating artists' last names on them. Once again the show was at Lunar Boy Gallery.

Ooligan Press

White plasticharge. A great design aesthetically and a great candidate for plasticharge. End result was great solid ink coverage and clean lines and detail.

Athletic One-Off Print

This was an Adidas 100% polyester jersey provided by ASO for what I can only assume is one of their players.

Diesel Fuel Prints

Andy lost in thought. The new location in St. Johns. Mere feet from the train tracks and with an amazing view of the bridge.

Hanging out on a saturday at diesel fuel despite no one actually working there that day.

The drive back to my shop from the new DFP.

Mississippi Records

A rerun of their softball team shirts.

Food Fight Grocery

The fourth or fifth rerun of the lamb job and the first time printing on a newer company shirts which are certified fair labor and use wind turbines for their energy getting a 90% carbon reduction. And they are organic and hold a print extremely well.

Out To Pasture Sanctuary

Floating World Comics

Salted City

Pierced Arrows

Black ink on red girlie shirts. And then a one-off print for their friend with pink ink on a purple shirt.

KLC Radio

Light blue shirts with a four-color front print. one photo is of a print on a red shop towel.