Although not a new design for the band, this was the first time I printed the zombie art. Then the favored wolf classic again with discharge grey ink.

Hunt Sabatuers

The first time printing this job it was a little bigger and had "North America" written at the bottom.

Mammoth Grinder

For the Austin bands' west coast tour I think. Printed with discharge white ink. There were two jobs with oversized prints and stippling detail but this is the only one we have pictures of.

Graves At Sea

A rush reprint with white discharge ink for a far away tour.

Anxiety Hammer

Philadelphia hardcore. Experience it.
On heather grey shirts.

Printed Matter Screen Printing

Print shop view.


Oversized 2-color plasticharge ink print. About 14.5" x 26" if I remember correctly. Custom orange and a silver ink.

Food Fight

Most of these reprints were on black shirts this time. A limited few were on pullover hoodies. Art by that guy Matt.