Bald Butte

Mt. Hood National Forest, OR.
May 31, 2015

    With my legs still sore from a couple hikes with 1,000' elevation gains within a mile or so I have no idea why I decided to do the Bald Butte hike.
    Maybe because it was short?  It's less than a mile to an elevation of around 7,500'.
    Maybe cause the drive's last half mile is on a high clearance road?  I always like driving dirt roads.  Basically you follow the power-lines up the butte and park under them when the road ends.
    Maybe for the wildflowers?  This time of year the hike's perpetual view of Mt Hood from up-close is continually accented with blue Lupine, red Paintbrush and yellow Balsamroot.  The beauty of a Dog Mountain hike for way less effort, no day-use fees and most importantly no crowds.

My cellphone repeatedly hates to focus on wildflowers.

   At the start of the hike the power-lines are right above you with Mt Hood in the background.  There were a group of turkey vultures circling nearby further up so I hiked off-trail towards them.  When I got closer and with the steepness of the hill they were sometimes soaring only 30 ft above me.

Looking south back down at part of the steep hike up.  You can not tell from this cellphone picture but the hillside is covered in wildflowers.

  There was a great payoff for such a short hike.  At the top in a single spot you can see the Cascade Range from Mt St. Helens to Mt Adams to Mt Rainier to Mt Hood.

Mt St. Helens from atop Bald Butte.

    The trail continues around the butte but offers no more special views.  There also were some trails that went down through the woods that I did not venture too far into. Instead, I ate some snacks on the hillside and headed back to my truck.

Cake the Truck at the end of the road.  There is a mountain bike trail that starts here as well.